Funny NBA Stories

This was the home of, the archive home of OneAnswer’s NBA Parodies and Satire originating from his 300,000+ view, sticked thread on aptly titled, “Guess Who’s Back?” A lot of which centered around satires: Walker and Friends, When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong, and Unsolved Mysteries. As well as humorerous how to guides, like How to Draft a Bust as well as Top 10 NBA Boardgames which saw a remix article in 2014.

Most of the parodies are now archived over at, where OneAnswer developed a unique ‘BSPN Generator’ that was available for comedy fans around the world to use freely from 2009 to around 2012. The BSPN Generator produced some fascinating results, unique takes, and definitive conversational pieces. For a good couple of years NBA fans could have fun sending their friends ‘BSPN generated News’. Everybody of course remembers the famous ‘Night at the Starbury’ parody which satirized the New York Knicks with a typical night out after a loss to the Boston Celtics.

The video went viral and received hundreds of thousands of views and mainstream attention from outlets around the world including Sports Illustrated’s Video of the Day and Bill Simmons’ Page 2 on ESPN itself! To this day the video remains in the hearts of all New York Knicks fans and continues its high viewership daily from Knick fans who realize not that much has changed over a decade later.

The more things change, the more they stay the same as the saying goes. OneAnswer popped up a few times on RealGm over the year, providing a unique poem take on the James Harden trade to the Houston Rockets, which obviously did not turn out to be the best course of action for the Thunder at all as OneAnswer always predicated. A perennial MVP candidate traded. Nonetheless, Guess Who’s Back will always remain online, reminding NBA fans of all the good times and laughs had by all that read the famous Guess Who’s Back? topic on RealGM. After all, beyond all the stats and competitive nature of sports fans, there will always be the commonality of laughter to unite us all, regardless of what team we rep.

– OneAnswer


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